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WE TV has been teasing its new series Sex Box for some time now, and this week the network released the full trailer for Sex Box, a new series that will allow couples to have sex in a box, literally. Check out the extremely bizarre premise of the new series, below.

So, here’s the deal with the new series. Couples will get to have some hanky panky inside this big box and will then come out to talk about their relationship problems, all while clothed in these creepy silk robes. Fooling around in a box and being clothed in nighttime wear on stage definitely should put these couples in a pretty vulnerable position, and in the trailer, a few of the couples look none too happy to be there. Take this couple for example.


Or this couple…


Despite all of the uncomfortable moments, clearly Sex Box is going to be chock full of information. For instance, did you know that apparently it takes a woman a full 40-minutes to become completely aroused? That’s a hot fact. Another therapist talks about trust and how “one breach” can be healed but oftentimes multiple breaches ruin couples. All in all, it feels a little gimmicky to force couples to fool around in a box before attending a therapy session, but as one dude notes he feels “like a new man” at the end of the show, so maybe Sex Box is working wonders for the people involved. After all, some of them do look happy, and I hope they are getting something out of the series. Otherwise, it won’t last.


WE TV’s Sex Box premieres Friday, February 27 at 10 p.m. ET. (On an unrelated note, that’s the same day House of Cards Season 3 hits the schedule.) Tune in an give the show a shot, or to check out the gimmick. It can’t be worse than Dating Naked.

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