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You’ve heard of Sex Box, right? No, it’s not the adult version of the Happy Meal at McDonald’s. (At least not around here.) It’s the WEtv series that, well, has people having sex in a box as one sweaty aspect of relationship therapy. But don’t expect to find it playing any time soon, as WEtv has pulled it from the schedule, though possibly not forever.

According to THR, Sex Box is back to being in utero for the time being, as the producers are working on possibly reformatting the series to make it a little more palatable for widespread audiences. (Sex Palate?) Here’s how the series worked: problematic couples would come on the show (phrasing!), have sex in a big, beautiful, soundproof box in the middle of a lit-up stage, and then they would emerge for a conversation with a panel of sexperts about their relationship. No better time for an honest conversation after getting your rocks off on TV, right?

Based on the hit U.K. show of the same name, Sex Box was originally set for a nine-episode first season, but it wasn’t quite there yet. The series premiered in February to 378,000 viewers, which isn’t great, but also not a bad haul for the cable network. After just four episodes, though, the show got pulled from the primetime schedule and found itself plugged into a midnight slot. And it’s after five episodes that the removal happened, so there are still four bone-happy episodes left to go, assuming it doesn’t get canceled outright.

As you can imagine, Sex Box hasn’t been everyone’s cup of tea. Even before the show debuted, the Parents Television Council got all up in a tizzy about it, despite the fact that it’s not actually depicting in-the-act sex. Hell, a show like Dating Naked is far more titillating and it got a second season. I mean, earlier today we talked about a Japanese game show where men sing karaoke while getting jerked off by women. It’s on an adult network, but still. Draw some lines.

Check out a preview of the show below to give you an idea of what people apparently aren’t tuning into.

Will WEtv bring Sex Box back in a different form? Possibly as Sex Bag, Sex Sphere or Sex Car with Really Tinted Windows? We shall wait and see.
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