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For someone who is famous for his athletic prowess, Shaquille O’Neal is sometimes all sorts of clumsy. Recently, the man wiped out on TNT’s Inside the NBA, much to his chagrin and the other co-host’s amusement. Check out the epic fall, below.

Seriously, this video is less than a minute long and it’s just as amusing with or without sound, so if you haven’t given it a watch, yet, there’s no real excuse for it. During the halftime show of the Houston Rockets and Los Angeles Clippers game, Shaq gets up and immediately faceplants onto the ground. The fall has none of the grace and the elegance of a Chevy Chase pratfall from the early days of SNL, but we do think it’s about the same level of hilarious.


Shaq has a little trouble getting back up, and his co-workers also hop out of their chairs, seemingly to help their fellow man in need. Instead, however, they tease him mercilessly as he writhes around on the ground. What was the culprit of the horrible fall? Apparently, as Shaq got up, he lost a shoe. Thankfully, the man doesn’t mind getting poked fun of, and turns the tables on his coworkers, accusing them of being up to hijinks.

At this point, Shaq falling again on the show is beginning to look a little suspect. Earlier this year, co-host Kenny Smith “accidentally” body slammed into the former NBA player, forcing him to totally wipe out and run into a Christmas tree. Shaq and gravity just can’t seem to get along.


Luckily, the man’s been a good sport about the whole thing, and even took to social media to offer $500 for whoever puts together the best meme of the fall. So far, this one is crushing.

Whether or not Shaquille O’Neal’s team is getting up to hijinks, there’s always something amusing about seeing a big, athletic dude totally lose his balance. So, if falls become a recurring joke on Inside the NBA, so be it. I’m all in. Shaq should be too. If anything, these accidents prove that he’s actually a prime candidate for a star of a TV comedy, which is what truTV is hoping to get from the man. And besides, the Inside the NBA host probably deserves a little of his own medicine, considering he’s also pulled plenty of pranks over the years.

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