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Hannibal Buress has been on the quick rise in the past few years, and now he’s taking his brand of comedy to Shark Week. Well, he’s not exactly a part of Shark Week, he’s taking advantage of the shark humor to promote his own show, Comedy Central’s Why? With Hannibal Buress by dressing up in a ridiculous costume in the funniest Shark Week content probably ever to exist (yes even you Sharknado). Take a look.

Shark Week starts on July 5 on Discovery Channel, and for all those avid fans out there, the countdown has been rolling all year. But, Buress decided to give an early taste of what he will be contributing to the week of shark infested programming. So, when the comedian stopped by Conan on TBS earlier this week, he dropped his low-rent shark week promo for all to see. Buress reiterates that he is really trying to get the passionate shark audience, and connect with them. But also, by wearing what must be the worst shark costume of all time, Buress also explains that he then relates to everyone.

The promo itself features a spacey Hannibal Buress informing the audience that yes indeed it is him, in a shark costume, making dreams come true. Oh and of course the comedian had to feature a shark related joke that questions whether sharks having sex would have any interest in snack time. The dude is hysterical, but really it’s the terrible-fitted shark costume that really puts it over the top. Buress explains his choice of apparel to Conan O’Brien:
It was deliberate, Conan, to have a horrible shark costume because I don’t want to have a fancy shark costume because I want people to be able to relate to me.

The comedian clarifies his relatability as it being like millionaires that drive Priuses, because “that’s a garbage car.” But really, Buress doesn’t need a shark costume to make himself relatable. The guy’s stand-up act will have anyone rolling on the ground laughing. Not to mention his character on Broad City is just the perfect combination of silly and awkward that you can’t help but sympathize with.

As for Buress' show he's promoting it covers everything happening in news and pop culture with that offbeat attitude perfectly mixed in through multiple formats such as stand-up, on-the-street interviews, pre-recorded scenes and interviews with special guests. Why? With Hannibal Buress premieres on July 8th on Comedy Central.

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