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Horror author Stephen King is a master of turning the ordinary into the terrifying, and plenty of the adaptations of his books have brought as many chills to the screen as he brought to the page. Now, Spike is officially moving forward on an original scripted series based on the premise of one of King’s most bizarrely frightening stories: The Mist. The series has been in the works at Spike for months, and the network has now ordered the project series.

Spike had previously greenlit a production pilot for the show, but the pitch and the script were evidently enough to warrant the order to series without seeing footage first. The first season of The Mist will be comprised of ten episodes of one hour each, according to the network. Production begins this summer, and the first installment will premiere at some point in 2017.

The Mist series is expected to be a suspenseful tale about a small town that is enveloped in a mysterious mist. The mist seems harmless enough at first, but havoc quickly ensues as panic spreads and terror sets in. If the show follows the plot of Stephen King’s original novella, the mist will conceal monstrous creatures that emerge only to destroy any who stand in their way.

Early reports of the project did indicate that the novella would be used as more of an outline for interpretation than source material for direct adaptation, so readers looking to see the original story expanded on the small screen will be out of luck. That said, Stephen King himself has given his blessing to the project, and the basic premise of monsters emerging from mist to menace a town of innocents is all but guaranteed to bring some jump scares.

Christian Torpe will serve as executive producer for The Mist. Torpe is best known for the successful show RITA in Denmark, which is currently in its fourth season. He’s also developed programming in the United States for AMC and Showtime. He’s not the most conventional pick to drive a horror series, but Spike was clearly impressed enough with his early work on the project to give the series order.

Torpe’s version of The Mist will be the second time that King’s premise is brought to screen. Frank Darabont of The Walking Dead fame helmed a film version of The Mist back in 2007. Darabont’s movie took some liberties with the source material – including a different ending that even Stephen King loved – to turn the novella into an action-packed adventure, so it should be interesting to see how Spike’s Mist compares.

We still have a while until we can see just what Spike has in store for us in the latest take on The Mist, but there are plenty of shows premiering this summer to keep us busy in the meantime. 

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