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The Live! With Michael and Kelly controversy is finally dying down, but the after effects are still palpable. In fact, we recently learned that Michael Strahan would be leaving far sooner than the expected September date. This means that Kelly Ripa will be needing to look for a new co-star and in the interim a lot of guest stars will show up. Now, we know some of the big names who are likely to appear. Those names include Seth Meyers, Anderson Cooper and more. Here’s what a source near to the series had to say:
Expect to see people like Anderson Cooper, Andy Cohen, Josh Groban and Seth Meyers. They all came on a lot last time and she loved them.

It should be noted that ABC hasn’t come out and relayed the full list of all of the big names who will be appearing on Live! after Michael Strahan leaves the show. However, as the People comment notes, the aforementioned names were all happy to appear on the show earlier in its run as replacements for Regis Philbin. Eventually, Michael Strahan was picked as Philbin’s official replacement, but we got some interesting episodes in the interim. 

Anderson Cooper, in particular, seems primed for this sort of position. The man had his own daytime talk show for a couple of years. Although it was cancelled, he has the right personality for daytime TV. He also has experience on Live!, having filled in for Regis Philbin in 2007 when the man was recovering from heart surgery. 

We currently don’t know who will eventually take over for Michael Strahan. The news of his departure is still fairly fresh, with Kelly Ripa and the rest of the world only finding out he would be moving to Good Morning America full time last week. After Kelly Ripa took a leave of absence, she returned to the series on Tuesday. That’s the day ABC saw fit to announce Strahan would be leaving earlier than expected and that the network would go on a search for a replacement.  

The good news? Early rumors seemed to indicate that Good Morning America would be extending an extra hour, which would cut out the Live! TV slot. If ABC is really committed to finding Kelly Ripa a new onscreen partner, that means her show will not be getting cancelled, which should be great news for fans.

We’ll let you know as soon as Live! with Michael and Kelly wraps up and starts looking for a new co-host to sit in the chair opposite Kelly Ripa. In the meantime, you can catch Live! at the usual time, and check out what else TV has coming up with our summer TV premiere schedule.

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