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Ray Romano knows a thing or two about being on TV, considering he was on one of the most popular sitcoms of the past 30 years. In the span after Everybody Loves Raymond went off the air, the comedian has made some interesting career decisions, going from TBS to NBC and then to HBO. His next project will take him to the unexpected network Epix for the small screen adaptation of Elmore Leonard's excellent novel Get Shorty. What's more, the also hilarious Chris O'Dowd is being added as the co-lead.

Get Shorty was, of course, turned into a fun and feisty feature in 1995 with director Barry Sonnefeld, and Ray Romano and Chris O'Dowd would be taking over the parts that Gene Hackman and John Travolta played. O'Dowd will play Miles Daly, a musclebound bodyguard working for a dangerous crime ring in Nevada who strikes out for Los Angeles to attempt the sorta-legit life of a movie producer. Though his intentions are good, he ends up bringing the criminal element right along with him, and according to Deadline, Romano's has-been producer Rick is there for all of it as he attempts to show Miles the ropes of the entertainment world.

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Following his large recurring role as Hank Rizzoli on the NBC drama Parenthood, Ray Romano made the crazy jump to HBO for the long-developed drama Vinyl, which didn't win viewers or critics over with its drug-fueled look at the 1970s music industry. Considering Martin Scorsese and other big names were behind it, Vinyl seemed like it would be around a while, but that didn't happen. Here's hoping the lower stakes of Get Shorty provide the actor with a more steady TV gig moving forward, since he's still got those Ice Age movies to keep him busy on the big screen.

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Chris O'Dowd is also familiar with being a part of acclaimed TV. The Irish actor can boast being in one of the best modern British comedies in The IT Crowd, as well as one of the best child-led series of all time in the invisible friend comedy Moone Boy. (He was also in Christopher Guest's HBO comedy Family Tree, which I couldn't have applauded harder, but it got cancelled almost immediately.) This could be his next big break here in the States, and having Romano around as a co-star will definitely help.

This version of Get Shorty is being developed and written by Davey Holmes, who has worked as a writer and/or producer on such shows as The Chicago Code, Pushing Daisies and Shameless. Production on the comedy caper's ten-episode first season is set to get underway this fall, and the show is being geared for a 2017 debut across Epix's standard network, On Demand, Epix.com and TV Everywhere. Other shows being developed there include the comedy Graves and the espionage drama Berlin Station.

While you're waiting for all those, check out everything hitting the small screen later this year with our fall TV schedule.

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