On last week's episode of Supergirl, James Olsen graduated from sidekick to superhero by becoming the armored Guardian. Aside from Winn, who serves as his own Oracle, no one else knows Guardian's true identity as the mild-mannered photojournalist, James Olsen -- not even Supergirl. The cat will come out of the bag eventually, but when it comes to letting people in on his secret, James will take a page from the handbook of his favorite sitcom (probably): Friends.

It's a little bit like when Chandler and Monica started dating [on Friends], every episode somebody else found out and they had a surprising reaction. Not everybody is going to find out at once. Some people are going to be supportive; who's supportive is going to be surprising. Some people are going to be incredibly unsupportive thinking James and Winn have lost their minds; their identities will be interesting.

Andrew Kreisberg, the executive producer of Supergirl, revealed to Entertainment Weekly that the strategy they took for revealing James' dual identity was similar to that of Friends when Chandler and Monica were secretly dating. On that show, people found out one at a time, each of them having their own reactions to the secret relationship. It all came to a head in one of the funniest moments the show ever had, but Supergirl probably won't play their reveal for too many laughs.


On Supergirl, different characters will have their own reactions, and some might be more supportive than others. It's interesting to note that it won't be so predictable on who will be okay with Guardian and who won't be. If I had to guess, I would say Martian Manhunter and Alex will be supportive while Kara will be against it. Alex herself is just a normal human who goes toe to toe with aliens every day, so she will at least know where James is coming from, while J'onn will probably recognize that they won't stop James from doing what he wants to do.

While fans of the Arrow-verse are more than familiar with the idea of non-powered vigilantes, the world of Supergirl isn't. Most of their superheroes are all, well, SUPERheroes; the idea of a vigilante is still foreign to them. Maybe Kara will gain a new perspective after traveling to Earth-1 and seeing how many people are still heroes even without invulnerability.

For an idea as to how the upcoming reveals could play out, here is a clip from Friends of Joey finding out Chandler and Monica are dating. Just sub in Winn for Chandler (obviously), James for Monica, and, uh, Martian Manhunter for Joey.

Don't worry James; when your big secret comes out, someone will be there for you too. Supergirl airs on Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on the CW.

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