Everyone already knew the winners in advance-- if New Moon hadn't won Best Movie it would have been a riot-- but some combination of Justin Bieber and a shower of F-bombs gave the MTV Movie Awards some seriously high ratings. According to Nielsen the show had 16.4 million viewers watching it on MTV, MTV2 and Vh1, which is the largest audience for the awards since 2003, when The Two Towers beat out Barbershop and The Ring for Best Movie.

In addition, there were 1.6 million "video streams" on the website, though since I tried and failed to watch the awards online I'm not exactly sure what those online viewers were watching. Still, the proof is there that by mentioning Twilight constantly-- female teen viewership was up even from last year-- and promising some truly ridiculous stunts, MTV could actually get people to join their farce of pretending they cared about movies. Hey, it was kinda fun while it lasted, right?

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