America’s Toughest Jobs - Season 1
Premieres: Monday, August 25, 2008 at 9:00 p.m. EST
Network: NBC
Creator(s): Thom Beers
Starring: Josh Temple (host)

America’s Toughest Jobs is a new reality series that follows a bunch of regular-joe’s (and Josie’s) as they leave their humdrum lives behind and attempt to perform some extreme occupations, including logging in the Oregon forest, oil drilling in Texas, extreme fishing and driving icy roads. Each week, the bosses of each particular job will determine which contestants performed well and which did not and need to be sent packing. Since it wouldn’t be a reality competition series without a fat cash prize, each week the annual salary for each job will be put in the pot, set aside for the grand prize winner to claim at the end.

With all the new fall series set to premiere, I’m don’t know how enthusiastic I can be about another reality competition series. That said, America’s Toughest Jobs is premiering a bit ahead of the rest of the new and returning shows and with the Olympics wrapping up, I see no reason not to check this show out. It might be fun to see regular people attempt to do the things we see in shows like Deadliest Catch and Ice Road Truckers. Whether or not I continue to tune in after the first week or two will depend on how interesting the contestants are and how exciting their extreme tasks play out.

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