Perhaps it's an issue of a made-for-TV movie not really fitting into any of the categories but after reviewing the nominations for this year's Nickelodeon's Kids' Choice Awards, I couldn't help but notice that the hugely popular Disney Channel TV movie, High School Musical 2 didn't get any nominations. Ok, technically HSM did score one nomination for best video game but in terms of the big categories, it's as if the movie never existed.

One might think that this is perhaps Nickelodeon's bias at work. After all, while the kid's network has some very successful shows, few (if any), could rival the popularity of Disney Channel's High School Musical films. Then again, shows like Hanna Montana and The Suite Life of Zack & Cody (both Disney Channel shows) received multiple nominations. So why didn't Zac, Ashley, Vanessa or any of the other talented teens from HSM get nominations as well?

It's possible that because the first two High School Musical films were made for television, Nick decided that they didn't fit into the movie categories or the TV categories. All the same, if HSM airs on TV and there are no "made for TV" categories at the Kids' Choice Awards, shouldn't the cast at least be eligible for the "Television Actor/Actress" awards? Nick's UK Kids' Choice Awards included HSM actors in their nominations last year. Both Ashley Tisdale and Zac Efron took home awards for their roles in High School Musical at the Brit version Nick's Kids' Choice Awards.

Then of course, it's also possible that HSM 2 simply didn't receive enough love and support from Nick or the kids to earn any other nominations but given the ratings for the premiere of the second High School Musical movie, I find that highly unlikely. I suppose we'll have to wait to see the nominations for the Kids' Choice Awards in the year following the big-screen release of High School Musical 3. When the film goes big-screen, that will surely make the actors (and the movie) eligible for an award. After that it'll be up to the kids to decide.

What say you, young readers? Should HSM have received more recognition than just one lousy nomination for the Video Game category? Or are you content with the nominations (which can be viewed here) as they are?

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