The Big 4-0 - Season 1
Premieres: Wednesday, April 16, at 10:00 p.m. EST
Network: TV Land
Creator(s): (exec producer) Keith Cox, (producers) J.D. roth and Todd A. Nelson
Starring: Various 40-year-olds

The Big 4-0 is a new original series by TV Land. The series will follow men and women as they prepare to turn 40. In one episode, a former NFL pro deals with turning 40 by getting into shape and bringing together some of his old football player buddies to face off in a game against some younger players. And then there’s the woman who wants to still be sexy at 40. She throws herself a huge bash and reveals her real age to all of her friends. Meanwhile, her husband surprises her by setting up a reunion with her estranged mother.

The emphasis on milestone birthdays in this show makes me think that it’s going to be like a grown-up version of My Super Sweet Sixteen. Except in this case, I think the birthday men and woman aren’t going to be quite as spoiled or demanding. This series looks like a really positive show that I think many adult viewers (especially those about to turn 40 and those who might’ve just passed that milestone) will enjoy. From the promos, the participants look like good people who are willing to have fun with their birthday and are really trying to make it a memorable event.

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Here’s some previews:

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