The Real World: Hollywood - Season 20
Premieres: Wednesday, April 16, at 10:00 p.m. EST
Network: MTV
Creator(s): Mary-Ellis Bunim, Jonathan Murray
Starring:Joey, Kimberly, Dave, Sarah, Will, Brianna, Greg

The 20th season of The Real World takes place in Hollywood, California. As always, a group of 20-somethings move in together for a few months and try to get along. From what I’ve seen of the new season, getting along doesn’t always come easy for this group but then again, that’s the whole point of the show. The Hollywood season looks to be filled with the same kind of drama that we’ve seen in previous episodes. Drunken escapades, inter-house hookups and arguments galore.

Here’s the info on the housemates based on what’s mentioned about them on MTV’s website:

Joey, 24 – Chicago, IL - Resident muscle-head with a good heart. Joey wants to move past his partying years, which apparently include some addictions.

Kimberly, 24 – Columbia, SC - Smalltown blonde who’s rebelling against her conservative upbringing.

Dave, 22 – Waynesboro, PA - The outgoing fun guy. Good at sports and wants to be an actor.

Sarah, 21 – Phoenix, AZ - Sarah’s the token housemate-in-a-relationship. She’s doing the whole long distance thing and also embracing feminism while trying to maintain her traditional values.

Will, 23 – Detroit, MI - Wants to become a music producer. Will’s the charismatic “ladies man” of the house.

Brianna, 20 – Philadelphia, PA - Former stripper, Brianna’s a tough girl with a sensitive side. She tried out for American Idol in the fifth season and made it as far as Hollywood before getting cut.

Greg, 20 – Daytona Beach, FL - Greg was cast by viewers through an online casting contest. He’s got a bit of an attitude though, which makes it tough for the rest of the house to warm up to him.

I’ll be the first to say (though I doubt I am) that I don’t think The Real World has lived up to the first ten years worth of seasons. That said, as I mentioned earlier, I did get the opportunity to see some of this season and while I still think the show places too much emphasis on 20-somethings getting trashed and hooking up, there’s something oddly appealing about this kind of mindless drama. Plus their house is really cool this year (it’s like a movie set).

For me though in general, I can only take The Real World in large binges, like when they do those weekend marathons. So chances are, I’ll be holding off on this season until I’m bored on a Sunday afternoon and stumble across the reruns on MTV.

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Here’s a preview:

And here’s the trailer for the season:

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