Dog the Bounty Hunter - Season 5
Premieres: Wednesday, July 16, 2008 at 9:00 p.m. EST
Network: A&E
Creator(s): Daniel Elias (Executive Producer)
Starring: Duane “Dog” Chapman, Beth Smith, Leland Chapman, Duane Lee Chaman, II, “Baby” Lyssa Chapman, Tim Chapman

Dog The Bounty Hunter is an A&E reality series that follows Dog and his crew (which consists mostly of his family) as they track down bail-jumpers and other fugitives in Hawaii and turn them in to the police. Often, this involves trying to find the people, checking their last known addresses, talking to their friends and family, trying to sort out who is lying and who isn’t and then inevitably, chasing down the bad-guy (or girl).

The Chapmans pray a lot and are usually pretty kind to the people they capture but Dog’s far from perfect. In addition to having his own criminal past, he also stirred up controversy last year when he expressed quite a bit of racial intolerance during a private phone conversation. The series went off the air after a recording of Dog using the N-word repeatedly in an angry conversation with his son was leaked online. A&E pulled the show from the air indefinitely. Now it looks like the network (and probably a good portion of his fans) have forgiven him for his poor choice in words because he’s getting a second chance.

Nobody likes a racist but in our society, depending on the offense, people can be quite forgiving when it comes to celebrity slip-ups. Those who’ve never seen Dog The Bounty Hunter might not consider him a celebrity but the Chapman’s do have a loyal fanbase. A&E doesn’t seem to be addressing the controversy on their Dog website but I will be interested to see whether or not the Chapmans talk about the issue at all on the show. I’m also interested in watching Leland climb on things.

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