Lewis Black’s Root of All Evil - Season 2
Premieres: Wednesday, July 30, 2008 at 10:30 p.m. EST
Network: Comedy Central
Creator(s): Scott Carter, David Sacks
Starring: Lewis Black
Website: ComedyCentral.com

With so much evil in the world, it’s a good thing we have people like Lewis Black out there doing something about it. In Lewis Black’s Root of All Evil, Black moderates as two comedians go head to head, arguing over which thing is more evil than the other. Comedians like Patton Oswalt, Andrew Daly, Greg Giraldo and Kathleen Madigan have debated over topics including Oprah, Beer, Porn, Paris Hilton, American Idol and Tila Tequila. As this is a comedy show, don’t expect the subjects to get too serious but all the same, the comedians raise some good points.

When season 2 resumes, Daly will go up against Oswalt to argue which is more evil, Ultimate Fighting or Bloggers.

Lewis Black’s Root of All Evil will likely appeal to people who like standup comedy. That’s essentially what this show is, except formatted like a trial. As I mentioned in the rundown though, the comedians do often raise some interesting (and hilarious) points about certain aspects of our culture. It can make trying to decide which one is more evil much more difficult than you might expect.

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