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May is a tough month for TV. While spring marks the time of year when the TV networks make the decision to pick up and renew most of their series, it’s also the time of year when shows are cut. As this week is upfront week for the major networks, we can expect to hear plenty of big news (some good, some bad) for TV. Unfortunately, we have a whole list of bad news.

We already knew of a few of the cancellations but thanks to The LA Times, here’s the list of the shows that have been given the boot by their respective networks so far:

Miss Guided
Women's Murder Club
Big Shots
Just For Laughs
Notes From the Underbelly
Oprah's Big Give
Men in Trees
Cashmere Mafia
October Road

Back to You
Canterbury's Law
New Amsterdam
The Next Great American
The Return of Jezebel James

Las Vegas
1 Vs 100
Clash of the Choirs
My Dad is Better than Your Dad
The Singing Bee
Bionic Woman

Welcome to the Captain
Kid Nation
Secret Talents of the Stars Viva Laughlin Power of 10

The CW
Aliens in America
Beauty and the Geek
CW Now
Life Is Wild
Online Nation
Pussycat Dolls Present

Of the cancelled shows listed above, so far ABC’s October Road and NBC’s Journeyman are the only ones I’m really going to miss. Journeyman had a lot of potential but unfortunately it also had a crappy timeslot. October Road started out rocky for me and I almost gave up on it entirely but then it hit its stride and since then, I’d really started to enjoy it. As for all of the other series, I can’t say I’m really all that disappointed that they’re gone. I'm somewhat disappointed and a little surprised that Miss Guided got cut (E!'s Kristin Dos Santos seemed pretty optimistic about that one so I figured we'd be seeing more of this show). How about you? Are you devastated over the loss of New Amsterdam, Men In Trees or any of the other shows listed above?

5/23/2008 - - Thanks to E!'s Kristin Dos Santos's spoiler blog, we've added the rest of the canceled shows, including the CW's list.

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