Life of Ryan - Season 2
Premieres: Tuesday, January 8 at 10:00 p.m. EST
Network: MTV
Starring:: Ryan Sheckler

Life of Ryan is a reality series that airs on MTV. It centers on Ryan Sheckler, a teenager with a pretty successful skateboarding career. In the first season of the series, he continued to win competitions while also dealing with normal teen issues like his parents divorce, school and dating.

In the second season, Ryan is approaching his 18th birthday. In an attempt to make the most out of his career, he spends more time getting familiar with the business end of his work as a skateboarding champ. He also considers the prospect of moving out on his own, which would mean spending less time with his family whom he is pretty close with.

Over the past few years I’ve kind of outgrown most of MTV’s reality series and that probably includes Life of Ryan. I don’t have any interest in skateboarding or reality shows involving teenagers but I can see why this series would appeal to younger people. Sheckler seems like a cool kid and there is definitely something interesting about seeing a teenager deal with the challenges of adolescence, a professional skateboarding career and a fair amount of fame (not to mention cameras following him around all the time).

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