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Oprah’s Big Give Season 1

Premieres: Sunday, March 2nd at 9:00 p.m. EST
Network: ABC
Creator(s): Oprah Winfrey
Starring: Oprah Winfrey

In this new, eight-episode unscripted series, 10 people will help Oprah change the lives of others. When the series premieres, Oprah will give each of the contestants a pile of cash and the name and picture of the first person they’re assigned to help. The contestants will then have five days to use the money and resources they’re given to help their person. At the end of the week, their good deeds will be assessed and like every other reality competition, one person will be let go each week. The contestant who makes it through all 8 episodes will win a cash prize.

Here’s the list of contestants, which is posted at’s website:

Angelo, 30, a West Point graduate and Iraq War veteran from Ann Arbor, MI
Brandi, 23, a pageant queen from Chicago, IL
Cameron, 22, an entrepreneur and dot-com millionaire from Roanoke, VA
Carlana, 38, a paraplegic, author and media executive from Glendale, CA
Eric, 37, a former model who now works as a disaster relief worker from Boston, MA
Kim, 39, an NFL marketing specialist from Brentwood, TN
Marlene, 37, a train attendant from Chicago, IL
Olussegun "Sheg", 23, a pre-med student from Nashville, TN
Rachael, 31, a singer and actress from Los Angeles, CA
Stephen, 43, a real estate developer from Bedford, NY

This show looks like it could be Extreme Makeover: Home Edition meets The Apprentice. It’s kind of strange to me that they’re making people compete against each other in a charity-contest but it seems like the focus on the competition is really to showcase charity work. As Oprah is behind this show, I’m expecting there to be a lot of big Oprah-type moments (“You get a car! You get a car!”) mixed with sniffle-inducing scenes involving downtrodden people finally having their prayers answered. I’m a sucker for that stuff. Sure, cutthroat reality competitions like Survivor and Big Brother, in which contestants are constantly back-stabbing and resorting to sneaky tactics to get further in the game are fun to watch, but I think a show like Oprah’s Big Give might be just what primetime needs to balance things out.

Check out a promo for the show, below:

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