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One of ABC’s new drama series premiering during the 2010 midseason season is The Deep End. A timeslot and premiere date has yet to be set.

Below is the series description as posted by ABC:

The Deep End - Each year one of LA's most prestigious law firms recruits four young lawyers from the finest law schools worldwide. The only way for these first-years to survive is to support each other...even as they compete against one another in the cutthroat arena of high-end law. Sex, greed, romance, betrayal - it's all part of being a first year associate at Sterling Law.

PRODUCTION COMPANIES: Twentieth Century Fox Television


DIRECTOR: Michael Fresco

CAST: Matt Long as Dylan Hewitt, Ben Lawson as Liam Priory, Tina Majorino as Addy Fisher, Norbert Leo Butz as Rowdy Kaiser, Leah Pipes as Beth Bancroft, Billy Zane as Cliff Huddle, Sherri Saum as Susan Oppenheim and Clancy Brown as Hart Sterling.

I was not aware that we needed more legal dramas on television. Actually I’m fairly sure that we need less of them, but why mess with success? We’ve seen just about every incarnation of the lawyer story on TV, and unless something dramatic and interesting is happening like over on Damages, I just can’t see any reason for this show to exist. Which means it’ll probably be popular.

It has to be admitted that Billy Zane is indeed a cool dude, and it’s always good to see Veronica Mars’ Mac back in action.

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