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The film 2012 hasn't even hit theaters yet and they're already talking about shrinking it down and stretching it out to adapt it to the small screen. posted the news, stating that director/producer of the latest end-of-the-world film 2012 Roland Emmerich confirmed with them that a TV version of the movie is already in the works. What's more, 2012 exec producer Howard Gordan, whose smallscreen work includes Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice would be attached to the project.

It's kind of hard to speculate on the project from a viewer perspective because the film hasn't even premiered yet but if you've seen the trailer for the movie, then you already know the movie involves cities seeming to crumble, explode and/or implode while people attempt to escape the carnage that seems to be everywhere. Emmerich told EW that the TV version would take place in 2013 and follow the aftermath of the apocalypse and "the resettling of Earth." Sounds somewhat Jericho-esque to me. EW went on to say that TV producer Mark Gordon is already in talks with ABC about the series, which could fill the gap in disaster shows that Lost will leave behind after the series wraps up next year.

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