9. Dexter
It’s difficult to eulogize Jennifer Carpenter’s Debra Morgan without getting lost trying to make sense of how Dexter ended, considering so much about Deb’s death tied into the series’ conclusion. However, Deb is a major character in Dexter, so we would be remiss to leave her off this list, as she played such a crucial role in the story, not only serving as the character with the most colorful vocabulary, but also for playing Dexter’s sister and one of the biggest ties he had to a normal life. Deb and Dexter’s relationship was arguably one of the best things about the series, so her departure marked the end of an era for these characters.

Deb died after getting shot by a serial killer that Dexter would later take out. Post-surgery complications left Deb brain dead and it was Dexter who pulled the plug on her life support, technically being the one to take her life. He buried her at sea in what should have been a moving conclusion to yet another tragedy in Dexter’s life. As part of a season that didn’t totally gel, it’s hard to really appreciate the hugeness of Deb’s death, but when factoring in everything she contributed to the series, both before and after she found out about her brother’s deepest, darkest secret, she’s a devastating loss among TV characters. Her dedication to her job and her potty mouth will be missed. (By Kelly West)

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