6. Spartacus: War of the Damned
Who died at the end of Spartacus: War of the Damned? It would probably take less time to talk about who didn’t die at some point before the Starz gladiator drama wrapped up. The series has always been something of a bloodbath, and the conclusion was no exception, taking Manu Bennett’s Crixus out ahead of the finale and finishing off many of the series’ lead and supporting characters in the last episode, the title character included.

It wasn’t a huge surprise that Liam McIntyre’s Spartacus died, as history pointed to death as a likely outcome for the character, but it was still devastating to watch Spartacus nearly taken out by Crassus’ sword during a battle between the Romans and rebel soldiers. And then we were given the closest thing to a happy ending this series could have had, in seeing Spartacus carried away to die in peace among what was left of his friends, his deceased wife’s name on his lips as he went to join her. The rain that soon followed was a fitting send-off for the bringer of rain.

Also hard to watch was Dustin Clare’s Gannicus’ crucifixion, though that was also soften slightly by the sight of Oenomaus waiting to greet him in the afterlife and the roar of the arena crowd, which must have been like music to Gannicus’ ears. Among the rest of the dearly departed were Saxa, Naevia, Lugo and Castus, all of whom died fearlessly fighting for freedom. (By Kelly West)

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