4. Boardwalk Empire
It wouldn't be a season of Boardwalk Empire without several characters meeting their demise and Season 4 was certainly no exception. And it wasn't just a bunch of faceless bodies piling up on the Boardwalk (or in Chicago, New York, Tampa), this past year of the HBO drama contained the most emotional loss since Michael Pitt's Jimmy Darmody bit the bullet to end the second season. Of course, Jack Huston's Richard Harrow getting fatally shot is the devastating death to which I am referring, it's why I used the word faceless... sorry. Richard's death was sad to be sure, but also beautiful in its own way with the character finding some peace (and redemption) before his passing. HBO even made him an in memoriam video.

Obviously, Christina Jackson's Maybelle White didn't find the way that Richard went out beautiful since she end up as collateral damage in his journey. Poor Chalky, he was really put through the ringer this season with a lot of people around him winding up dead as he narrowly avoided his own several times. One such close encounter resulted in the violent death of Erik LaRay Harvey's Dunn Purnsley, a character who has been integral to the former's storyline for two seasons now. Another Boardwalk Empire two-seasoner was also offed this year with Arron Shiver's Dean O'Banion meeting an untimely, bullet riddled end. Newcomers Morgan Spector's Frank Capone and Brian Geraghty's Agent Tolliver both also lost their lives, the latter in a truly memorable scene. And last, but not least, Anthony Laciura's Eddie Kessler, who's been with us all along, jumped out of a window instead of betraying his boss. He will be missed. Eddie!

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