January might seem like a ways away but when you do the math, it’s really only a couple of months. So it’s not really too early to start counting down the days until 24 returns for its eighth day. Fox released a trailer for the new season and it looks like we’re in for another hellish-day.

One might joke that Jack Bauer could never fully retire. He’ll be saving the day and snapping the necks of terrorists with one knee while bouncing an adorable grandchild on the other. Looking at the trailer below, it seems that reality is actually coming to fruition… sort of.

And below is some older information released on the synopsis for the eighth season of 24, which premieres Sunday, Jan. 17 (9:00-11:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX.:

“Season Eight will unfold in New York City amidst the shadows of the Statue of Liberty and the United Nations. In this new day, CTU has been upgraded and is run by MBA-schooled and razor-sharp head honcho BRIAN HASTINGS (Williamson, Forrest Gump). COLE ORTIZ (Prinze Jr.), an ex-Marine who wants to follow in JACK BAUER’s (Sutherland) footsteps, runs the division’s Field Operations. Expert data analyst DANA WALSH (Sackhoff, Battlestar Galactica) collaborates with systems analyst ARLO GLASS (Boyd, The Notorious Bettie Page) inside CTU. ROB WEISS (Diamantopoulos, The Starter Wife) serves as PRESIDENT ALLISON TAYLOR’s (Cherry Jones) new chief of staff, and MEREDITH REED (Westfeldt, Grey’s Anatomy) is an ambitious journalist with ties to the unfolding situation.”

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