Omarosa Claims Ivanka Trump Really Hated An SNL Sketch About Her

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In hyping up the release of her new tell-all book Unhinged, former reality star and former White House aide Omarosa Manigault Newman started a firestorm with some inflammatory claims about President Donald Trump both from his time in D.C. and on NBC's The Apprentice. Unhinged also gave readers an alleged glimpse into what Ivanka Trump really thought about getting satirized by Saturday Night Live for its "Complicit" perfume ad spoof. According to Manigault Newman:

At the senior staff meeting, Ivanka couldn't stop bemoaning it, how offensive it was, how ridiculous it was. We'd all been subject to SNL attacks ... We'd all been hit, many of us in that same week's show. But Ivanka would not stop talking about being ribbed. Like her father, Ivanka was thin-skinned and could not seem to take a joke.

If those claims are true, it probably wouldn't be the most surprising thing in the world to many people. As soon as Donald Trump got serious about his Presidential ambitions and SNL brought in Alec Baldwin for his more scathing portrayals, Trump started getting extremely vocal about his weekly displeasures in the sketch series' depictions. And while host Scarlett Johansson's Ivanka Trump was quick and not nearly as ridiculously over the top as SNL could get with its political barbs, the message behind it still reportedly stuck itself deep in the First Daughter's craw.

In the time soon after that Season 42 sketch aired in March 2017, Ivanka Trump addressed critics calling her complicit with her father in certain aspects of his presidency, saying that if anything, she's complicit with wanting to make a positive impact. Those comments were fairly measured and weren't specifically railing on Saturday Night Live, so it wasn't necessarily so obvious that the sketch possibly bothered her enough to continuously vocalize her disgust with that portrayal.

You can watch the sketch below.

In that snippet from Unhinged (via People), Omarosa Manigault Newman was definitely being realistic when she said that everyone within Donald Trump's administration had been targeted by SNL over the past two seasons. The Trumps aren't the only ones who have taken issue with the pronounced political subject matter, so its prominence could possibly change for the next season, especially if Leslie Jordan has anything to say about it.

Having already lost its first cast member ahead of Season 44, Saturday Night Live will return to NBC at a currently still-undisclosed time this fall. Omarosa's Unhinged is currently available for purchase everywhere, and to see what shows will be popping up earlier than SNL's airtime in the upcoming TV season, head to our fall premiere schedule.

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