2. The plot goes in too many directions
Once Upon a Time has always implemented a storyline where the cast lives in Storybrooke and happenings occur, as well as a separate set of flashback plots that explain who our characters were prior to being banished to the United States. Due to separate settings and telling wardrobe changes, it was fairly easy to follow these plotlines, despite the flashbacks jumping all willy nilly around in time.

In Season 2, the writers have added a whole third timeline, which pits two of our heroes (Emma and Snow) back into the fairytale land, this time in the present day. In theory, the added complication is a nice way to bridge the gap between our world and the world with magic, but in practice it comes off like a confused mess. The storyline is too spread out, none of the three plots each week get enough screen time, and occasionally it is even difficult to keep track of which storyline we are in. Eventually, I knew the present day magical world would have to come into play, but I was hoping that would occur well after the days of flashbacks were past.

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