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When ABC was mulling over whether or not to cancel Forever late last spring, those on the creative side were hopeful the show would earn a renewal order. Still, Forever was always a bubble show and Season 1 wrapped up in a way that tied the series up nicely, but left enough threads opened that a second season could potentially be explored. While Forever did up getting cancelled by ABC, the show had already mapped out where Season 2 would be going. This week, in a Twitter Q&A, showrunner Matt Miller answered some of our burning questions about Forever Season 2, and we gotta say, some of them are fascinating.


First and foremost, Forever would have eventually given the charming Henry an immortal love interest. Not only would she have been immortal, according to Miller, she would have been much, much younger than him. Considering Henry’s immortal foe, Adam, was much older than him, it probably would have been pretty cool to see what life as a new-ish immortal was like.


Speaking of Adam, while the Season 1 finale effectively wrapped up the 2,000-year-old immortals’ storyline, being stuck on life support would not have been Adam’s end. Instead, Miller says Adam would have eventually been unplugged, giving him the opportunity to die and come back again. Those pesky immortals. The person who unplugged him apparently would have been another immortal. (Hopefully not the one Henry would have fallen for, though.)


Forever's first season spent a lot of time with Henry’s post-war family, but Season 2 would have featured a twist. In Season 1, Henry's wife Abigail seemed to be the love of his life and his adopted son Abe—now older than Henry and played by Judd Hirsch—is a key character on the series. However, while Henry had trouble dating in the present-day thanks to his still-fresh feelings for Abigail, apparently there are other big loves in his past. In Season 2, Matt Miller say we would have learned Henry had a Spanish wife and son, as well.

In addition to these gems, we already know that Lucas would have eventually found out what the deal was with Henry and that Jo would have been strung along for a bit longer. So, we have a good idea of how the main character stuff in Season 2 would have panned out. In lieu of any new episodes, I’ll take what I can get.

It’s clear Forever has an avid fanbase and probably could have continued to grow its audience, but unfortunately, it’s bad luck to be a bubble show that is not produced by the network it airs on. (Forever hailed from Warner Bros.’ television division.) If you’d like to relive the episodes that did make it to the air, you can order Forever: The Complete Series on DVD this week.