#16: Sherry (Adriane Lenox)
30 Rock has been impressively deft at depicting how cowed white people by women of color with accents who are theoretically "beneath" them-- see Elisa subduing Jack with rapid fire Spanish, or the Caribbean women at the dentist's office where Liz gets a root canal. The best of them all, by far, is Sherry, the nanny who hardballs a negotiation with Jack by eating a clementine and saying absolutely nothing. She's a better business icon than Don Geiss.

#15: Sylvia Rossitano (Patti Lupone)
Tons of people famous only in New York have appeared on 30 Rock, from Mayor Bloomberg to former news anchor Sue Simmons, but the grandest of them all has to be Broadway star Patti Lupone, who channels all her diva powers to become Frank's bossy and overbearing mom. Who else gets away with hitting Alec Baldwin upside the head for encouraging Frank to find his real mom? For that matter, who else could be as terrifying as Frank had always made his mom out to be?

#14: Kim Jong-Il (Margaret Cho)
There's something amazing and deranged about a sitcom depicting one of the world's most powerful and feared leaders, one who could very well be pointing a nuclear missile at us this minute, and making him a complete buffoon. Avery Jessup's kidnapping in North Korea had its ups and downs as a plot point, but every single appearance from Kim Jong-Il was lunatic gold-- including when he faked his own death and started life anew as a waiter in New York only to break up Avery and Jack's wedding.

#13: Moonvest (Craig Castaldo)
Played by real, famous New York homeless person Radioman, Moonvest first appears as a visual accompaniment to a joke-- Kenneth pitching a show idea to Moonvest at CBS instead of the actual president of that network, Les Moonves. But in classic 30 Rock fashion Moonvest kept coming back, always there to yell at a character or, in the 100th episode, show up in a pack of "recurring hobos" as the gang rushes down the stairs. He's probably the least important character on this list, but also the one you're most likely to actually see on the streets if you visit New York.

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