Back to Jenna faking her age to be older, which never really gets off the ground and unfortunately seems be more of an extra plot piece to move Jack and Liz’s stories along for the week. There were a couple highlights for her though as Jenna coming on to Kenneth and wiping her underwear with lunch meat to send to fans was disturbingly hilarious, as I was shaking my head thinking, WTF. Jenna, like Jack, gets a lot of great writing to work with in her brief screen time here and Jane Krakowski seems to get better and better as Jenna with each week; even in these final episodes.

There wasn’t a whole lot to 30 Rock this week, but it was surprisingly effective throughout. Constantly delivering the laughs and a step up from last week’s mediocre entry, Fey and company were able to make a “message” episode that still remained quite funny and handled said message to near perfection. There is only 10 episodes left though, I hope we get a little more character work before to long to get these lovable losers in an intriguing space before it is all said and done.

Random Notes:
-Zarina Sabaro?
-"I've seen your bathing suits, that could be anywhere."
-"But it's too high. He had a leather jacket."
-"You would lose your mind."
-"Nerd rage!"
-"Welcome to the flower shop."
-Oh god, meat on the underwear?
-What is going on with Jenna.
-"Or Mitt Romney's grandfather."
-Ryan Lochte openly playing a sex idiot? Is he acting?
-"My shoes got ruined."
-Tracy's gut is disgusting.
-Ken Tremendous!
-Cold Flash Menopause Popsicles.
-That song was great.
-Gerald Chair, inventor of Geri Chair.
-"You look like that flash card they told me means sadness."
-Love Liz's "Carrie" outfit.
-"Those are the names of my fingers."

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