(8) Sherlock
Sherlock, not to be confused with Elementary, is a British adaptation of the Sherlock Holmes books. The show produces three episodes roughly every year and a half. They’re awesome and yet insanely frustrating because there’s not more of them. Plow through but don’t do it so quickly you run out of episodes within one weekend.

(9) Downton Abbey: The British import might not boast the fastest pace or the most action, but it does offer some of the best writing on television. With roughly a half dozen plots running at any given time and a fascinating take on class politics, it’s weirdly enthralling in its own way.

(10): The Tudors: Henry VIII may have been a whole lot bigger and more slovenly in real life, but the basic outline of his time on the throne is more than fascinating enough to carry a series as Showtime found out with The Tudors. As you can imagine, much of the action involves Henry’s interactions with women, but Superman fans will no doubt enjoy watching a younger Henry Cavill prove his acting chops.

Looking for some more eccentric, yet engrossing programs? Try (11) Friday Night Lights, (12) Mr. Selfridge, (13) Dr. Who, (14) Vikings, (15) Battlestar Galactica, (16) Lost

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