(25) Justified
Justified is the best show on television you’re probably not watching. It follows a US Marshall working in Kentucky who is quick to break the rules and quick to fire his service weapon. The line between villain and hero is constantly blurred, and the acting is utterly brilliant.

(26) Suits: A legal drama with a crazy amount of backstabbings and shenanigans, the lead character never actually graduated from law school and practices illegally. This gives both him and the partners a whole lot to lose and a mess of secrets they can use against one another.

(27): Key And Peele: A hysterical sketch comedy with an edginess to it, Key And Peele has slowly been getting better and better over the past few seasons. If it continues to develop, it could well turn into one of the most biting and cleverest shows on all of television.

To check out more of the best of the rest, look for (28) Vikings, (29) Sons Of Anarchy, (30) Workaholics, (31) The Legend OF Korra, (32) Chapelle’s Show, (33) Star Trek: The Original Series, (34) The West Wing, (35) Sabrina: The Teenage Witch.

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