Boyd Crowder and Wynn Duffy
Once Justified is over, I think I will try to make a career out of writing unofficial spinoffs that tell of magical adventures featuring the bullshit-spewing Boyd and the put-upon Duffy, played with hilarious detachment by Jere Burns. They’re the most unlikely of tag team partners, but they’re opposite sides of the same criminal coin, complete with sometimes disposable henchmen, a penchant for greed over logic, and a low tolerance for impatience that leaves bodies on the ground. Only Boyd does it all with extremely funny long-winded speeches, and Duffy does it with arched eyebrows that mountaineers wouldn’t dare to climb. It’s unfortunate that Duffy is only seen in the company of others, as I’d like to get more into his story, but that must means we get more Boyd when a bad guy is needed.

This season saw the boys getting into the heroin business together, which went about as well as you could imagine, with almost the entire season passing before either man saw any actual drugs come into their possession. For a change in pace, we got to see Boyd fall hard in love before getting his heart broken, and his widening criminal ventures means he is no longer at the top of the heap, so he was at the end of more gun barrels than normal. Never was the risk of him dying more palpable than in the finale, as Alberto Ruiz (Justin Huen) held him accountable for Mexican murders earlier in the season. Goggins’ best line this season happened here, as Alberto attempted to intimidate him with sharp knives and stories of skinning animals.
”You want me to shit my pants, Alberto? Cause it seems to me that’d make your job a hell of a lot more unpleasant. You see, I know real pain. Shit you can’t even imagine. Now, you want to put me out of my misery? How ‘bout you stop running your goddamned mouth, and do whatever it is you got to do.”

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