Guest Stars Aplenty
Justified is not a show that takes its supporting cast lightly, and the series has seen a slew of amazing limited performances over the years, and I’m happy to say Season 5 did not buck that trend. We got to see returns from Stephen Root as Judge Reardon, Max Perlich (very briefly) as Sammy Tonin, Jeremy Davies as Dickie Bennett, and David Meunier as the increasingly awful Johnny Crowder. As well, we saw The Wire’s Wood Harris and The Practice’s Steve Harris as a pair of wisecracking thugs, Edi Gathegi (House) as a short-lived Haitian villain, Mary Steenburgen as a mob widow (whose role will certainly expand next year), Alan Tudyk as a giant gun-toting madman, and a pair of Canadian goons inexplicably played by comedians Will Sasso and Dave Foley. On the lawful side, Raylan got himself paired up with a good old boy played by good old boy David Koechner, and an alcoholic DEA agent played by Eric Roberts with enough gusto that I think this character should get his own web series.

Ava (Joelle Carter) unfortunately spends most of this season stuck inside a weak prison storyline, but her performances give the plot more weight than it deserves. Of course, this also opens up the gates for a few more characters, and here we get Don McManus as Ava’s headphones-wearing lawyer, Lee Daniels’ The Butler screenwriter Danny Strong as a douchebag prison guard that gets Ava stuck doing hard time, and True Blood’s Dale Dickey as the god-fearing cell block hardass Judith, whom Ava has to “take care of.”

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