The X Factor
The X Factor wasn’t the ratings juggernaut that Fox expected it to be during Season 1. Simon Cowell put his money where his mouth was, but it didn’t seem to matter. So, when The X Factor announced it was returning for Season 2, many fans expected the network to adjust for the ratings and create a slightly lower caliber endeavor. Instead, The X Factor came back bigger, bolder, and better in 2012.

Adding Demi Lovato and Britney Spears as star power in the judges category certainly helped, and giving the reins to host Mario Lopez made the live show that much smoother (give or take Khloe Kardashian’s bumpy maneuvering). In Season 2, however, The X Factor has brought two things to the table that competition series’ have never shown before. The first is the backstage cattiness between the contestants before they even hit the stage for the first time. The second is the announcement of the rankings of the competitors, that lets viewers know how much they need to vote to keep their group or solo artist in the competition. Though similar in format, The X Factor isn’t like other singing competition shows. Give it a shot and you might be surprised.

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