Shark Tank
A strong case could be made that Mark Cuban is not the best shark on Shark Tank, but his addition to the panel has taken the entire show to another level. The Dallas Mavericks owner appeared in three episodes during Season Two. Starting with the January 2012 premiere of Season Three, he’s been on board for every single one, and his presence has finally brought the perfect balance to the show. He always seems genuinely interested and invested in the various companies the contestants are pitching, and this more comfortable ear is a great counterpoint to Kevin O’Leary’s cold-hearted, no compromises aggression.

The great thing about Shark Tank is that it doesn’t talk down to viewers or those who appear on the show looking for money. The panelists use math, years of business experience and common sense to properly evaluate people’s companies. Sometimes that involves investing and sometimes that involves explaining to them why they’re destined to fail. Either way, there’s something strangely honest about the way everyone communicates. With thousands upon thousands of new applicants every year, I can’t wait to see all the wacky ideas the sharks are presented with next.

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