2. Who will star? Who will direct?
OK, that’s two questions, but it stems from the first point, and they go together. If Marvel allows Netflix to unleash a full 13 episodes of a new program at once, that means the cast and production team only has to focus its schedule on a limited window for filming. It allows for additional time for post-production (while the cast moves on to other projects). And a schedule like this, I believe, would allow Marvel to lure higher-profile actors and directors – like Cards did for Kevin Spacey, Robin Wright and director David Fincher – instead of the episodic TV approach that ABC is taking with S.H.I.E.L.D.. I can see movie actors committing to the roles of Matt Murdoch, Iron Fist or Luke Cage if they can film for “X” amount of days, then move on to another film project. If they just sign up for a lengthy schedule, I’m not sure who will commit (and how that will affect the product).

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