4. Easter Eggs
The Game of Thrones: The Complete Second Season, like it’s Season 1 counterpart, features Easter eggs. Last time around, HBO flippantly called them “dragon eggs” instead of the usual term, which is a nice tie-in to the series. The Easter Eggs in the Game of Thrones sets are always challenging to find and if you really love the series, it's absolutely worth it to give it a shot.

I hope you didn’t come into this article assuming I was going to tell you how to find all of the Season 2 Easter eggs. If you did, you’re likely going to leave a little unsatisfied. I’ve spent a bit of time re-watching all the episodes and perusing the disc, and I’m not sure I’ve even found all of the “dragon eggs,” yet. If you come across any of these quickly, congratulations, it’s highly likely you are a quicker searcher than I am.

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