4. It Relies On Just The Right Amount Of Fox’s Parkinson’s
Before the show premiered, people questioned the role that Fox’s Parkinson’s disease might have in a half hour sitcom. Fox was quick to point out that the disease was his reality and that sometimes the disease can be frustrating but other times it can be amusing. Parkinson’s came up a lot in the pilot episode for The Michael J. Fox show, as audiences watched Mike struggle with the decision to return to work. However, as the season has progressed, Mike’s disease is not the prominent plotline, and it generally only comes up in situations that makes sense. It would be impossible for Fox to pretend he doesn’t have Parkinson’s at this point, but NBC’s comedy writes in jokes that are tactful and work within the context of the show.

5. It’s Already Picked Up For A Full 22 Episodes
It’s that time of year when people are settling into a TV schedule. Sometimes, audiences don’t want to spend time with a new show, assuming it could be headed for cancellation any minute. Listen: NBC has already picked up The Michael J. Fox Show for a full 22 episodes. The network did this before the show even aired. There’s no danger that the comedy will be dropped before the end of the season, but it may not come back next year if viewers don’t show up to support the comedy. NBC may have made a mistake by trying to make its struggling comedy block a thing again, pitting it against CBS' dominant block. But if you give the show a shot, you should be pleasantly surprised by the outcome.

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