Mr. Bates Knows
Mr. Bates finally found out about his wife’s rape earlier in the season. He absolved her of any real blame, but also resolved to find out who did it, believing the valet Green to be the problem, despite Anna and Mrs. Hughes’ repeated lies that they did not know the culprit. While Anna and Bates are reconciled, we expect this plotline to flair up again in the coming weeks, and we don’t expect it to be pretty.

Worst Moment: Anna’s rape was horrifying, and it’s easy to see why Bates would be upset about the turn of events. However, we also know that he’s a careful man who doesn’t typically act out. Even when his former wife upset him and he went to jail for murdering her, he remained pretty stoic. Cornering Mrs. Hughes and forcing a story out of her, as well as forcing her to swear on her mother’s grave was rather out of character for the man, and I didn’t really enjoy Bates’ transition into scary.

Alfred And Daisy
Alfred was still pining over Ivy, so he applied to take a test to apprentice as a chef at The Ritz. Everyone at Downton was pulling for him, but when he arrived at the London hotel to take the test, he found he was in over his head. It’s nice to get away from Downton every once and a while, but Alfred stuttering around a curt French chef was dull, dull, dull. To make matters worse, it was all for naught—he didn’t get into the cooking program, but he did manage to re-stir up Daisy’s affection.

Worst Moment: At one point, Alfred stood in a stark white kitchen with a dozen of other eager young men. The man in charge was asking pointed questions about culinary history that Alfred could not even begin to answer. It was clear he was a country bumpkin in the big city, and even if he did well for Downton, he would not compare favorably with his peers. Good thing the British are too polite to mention how embarrassing that must have been.

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