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Kelly’s pick: The X-Factor
The X Factor arrived a couple years ago, not as an alternative to American Idol, but in addition to the long-running singing competition, filling the void in the fall season where there were no singing competitions cluttering up the line-up. And that’s just what The X Factor did. Sure, it gave us a modified format to the standard Idol mix, and it gave Simon Cowell back to us, but it also filled hours of the TV line-up each week, forcing us to choose between singing and scripted programming.

As much as I love the singing competitions, The X Factor requires three hours of its audience each week, which is too much for me to give for a show that isn’t nearly as must-watch as Idol was in its better seasons, especially during the fall when there are new shows to watch and returning favorites to keep up with. In the end, I decided at some point last season to stop trying to stay up to date on The X Factor at the expense of too many other shows I was enjoying more. Now, if The X Factor was an hour -- an hour and a half max -- each week, I might be more willing to make time for it. In the meantime, I’ll stick with American Idol.

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