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Alicia’s pick: The Voice
This isn’t so much a tirade as it is a cautionary tale: The Voice is on its way to OverDoingItVille by hopping on the same train tracks that brought American Idol to its knees. Why? Well, because after season five ends on December 17, season six is slated to pick right up again in February. Which might seem great on paper, but if The Voice isn’t careful, it’s going to overstay its welcome and ruin the good thing its got.

Singing competition shows are slowly becoming an entertainment property of the past. So much of it is the same, dull format — which is where The Voice stands ahead of the pack, given its structure and the rotating judge dynamic. It is, however, still a show where the talent comes second to the twists, turns, and dramatics. Meaning, the audience will realize — with no clear Kelly Clarkson or Carrie Underwood level success in their midsts — that the talent isn’t really important. They’ll shrug their shoulders, figuring “eh, it’s still a fun show!” and continue watching. Therefore putting an increased pressure enjoyment on the judges’ banter and general presence. Only that’s where the trap gets set for inevitable failure and over-saturation: just look at Idol and The X Factor.

Shows like The Voice work well because they feel special — almost event-like. Take away said specialness by making it too readily available and the audience will take it for granted. And with that goes the ratings. So slow your roll, The Voice, because ain’t nobody like an overeager beaver: you’ve already got enough of that on your hands with Adam Levine.

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