Dexter Morgan - Dexter
On the surface, to most people, Dexter Morgan appears to be just your average nice guy, working a steady job as a blood spatter analyst at Miami Metro Homicide. Most people would never suspect that he secretly moonlights as a serial killer. Dexter's dark side is exposed to us when he's on the hunt and ready to kill his next targeted criminal.

Some might call Dexter a vigilante, but to me, that implies that his highest priority is righting wrongs, serving justice and/or keeping the streets safe from rapists and murderers. At best, targeting criminals is a justification for his actions, but his "code" was really laid out as a means of allowing him to satiate his craving for blood while putting himself at minimal risk for getting caught - and maybe to appease his now-deceased father's conscience.

Because he chooses to live a life out in the open, working as a forensic export, socializing and presenting himself as Joe-average, the series shows Dexter in two different lights. Masked Dexter is the one who smiles and waves, acting as though he couldn't hurt a fly. Dexter unmasked is revealed to us when he's on the hunt or in his kill room. With his Dark Passenger exposed, we see the darkest, most vulnerable side of the character. Some characters have glimpsed the real Dexter, but most of them aren't around anymore. And there are a few key characters who lived to tell but haven't and probably (hopefully) won't. But for the most part, the show remains largely reliant on Dexter's ability to keep his friends and coworkers from ever seeing who he truly is.

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