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He's not part of the Community group of seven, although Annie did push for him to have a spot in "Asian Population Studies," but recurring character Dr. Rich Stephenson has made quite an impression in just three appearances. Especially on Annie. But especially on Jeff. Introduced in "Beginner Pottery," where his non-beginner skills earned him the nickname 'Doc Potterywood' from a certain jealous member of the class not to mention a healthy dose of suspicion into why this all too nice guy (played by Greg Cromer) is taking a class way below his level. That's some sociopathic behavior that not only makes Jeff start Goldblum-ing but also ultimately reveals the tortured mind behind Rich's pathologically nice persona.

You see, Jeff's mom filled his head with too much support while Rich's, well, her love was a bit more Psycho meets Ordinary People. "Not that it will ever bring your brother back to life. It was supposed to be you on that roller-coaster, Richard. It was supposed to be you!"

Jeff's mistrust continues in "Epidemiology," Season 2' Halloween episode, where his diagnosis is wrong and his heroics are short-lived to say the least (hiding a bite, that's so Britta), however, his psychosis is never really addressed again. He just seems like such a nice guy, which brings us back to "Asian Population Studies," that ends with Jeff running into his arms soaking wet, looking for advice on how to be a better person... or at least look like one to manipulate people. If he only knew how deep the crazy well went. After being absent from Season 3, I hope the fourth not only brings Rich back into the equation but we finally get some resolution on those mommy issues.

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