2. Changes
Does anything ever stay the same on Being Human? Of course not. People change. So do vampires, ghosts and werewolves. For Aidan, the change we see in the first couple of episodes is on a more emotional level. Transformation for Josh is obviously happening on a more literal level. Season 3 left off with him stuck as a werewolf. Season 4 picks up with Nora and Aidan desperately trying to contain wolf-Josh and figure out what’s going on. Rest assured though, as the above screenshot from one of the trailers indicates, we do see human Josh at some point. But it’s evident that things in his life, as a wolf and a human, are drastically altered. The second episode offers a really great cliffhanger in that respect.

And then there’s Sally, who was last seen being pulled through a hole in the landing of the stairs by Donna (Amy Aquino). Donna has some interesting things to say to Sally at the start of the fourth season, as the two of them are quarantined in some kind of spa-like limbo. Later, Sally’s situation moves to completely new territory. Territory that could really make a mess of things. That’s it. That’s all I’m saying about that.

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