This Apocalypse is Zombie-Free and In Real Time
In the past decade, popular fiction has been completely taken over by undead hordes as a nameless threat to take over the world, but The Last Ship is thankfully headed in a different direction, with a manmade virus at its core. Admittedly, global pandemics also get used a lot in fiction, but that’s because they’re truly legitimate threats, and The Last Ship producer Stephen Kane worked with virologists to keep the story grounded in reality. “All the respect to zombies and vampires,” he told me at a recent press junket. “We’re like two mutations from it actually happening.”

Kane and Steinberg prefer not to use the term “post-apocalyptic” as a descriptor, because the crew of the USS Nathan James are very much dealing with the world’s downfall as it’s happening. (Is calling it Apocalypse Right Now too on the nose?) The goal is to find a cure that can stop the plague from spreading even further, and in that respect, The Last Ship is also about hope. Because maybe, just maybe, some of the infected 80% can find relief with a cure.

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