Archer Season 5
Archer And Company Are Now In The Cocaine Business
The team has turned their focus from being spies, to running a drug cartel. Exactly how they go about doing this is the central premise of the season. As the first episode ends they find themselves in possession of a great deal of cocaine, and decide that the best course of action is to sell it all. The problem is that no one has direct drug connections, everything from their previous life is spy related.

It’s determined that a big sale to big time drug runners will be the best way to deal with their newfound commodity. Everyone in the group turns naturally to what they do best, but not everything as a world class spy is interchangeable with being a drug smuggler. So the dynamics of the group begin to change as people take on new roles. New faces and foes begin to take shape as Sterling and his trusted associates make their way to South America to proceed forth on the new adventure. The best part is that many of the new characters are actually just familiar favorites that have been twisted a bit. Once again, here comes the transition to...

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