Archer Season 5
Everyone’s (Mostly) Different
Long time ISIS accountant Cyril reveals that he was once a lawyer, and had actually discussed this at length with ex-girlfriend Lana. Pam becomes a ravenous coke addict. Lana is pregnant and without any bullets. Chery/Carol (or whatever) is super rich and has no need to be in the coke business, so she’s becoming country music superstar Cherlene. Malory drinks and is dismissive of others, OK so even a ton of cocaine can’t change Malory Archer. Sterling is an egotistical maniac, yeah OK I’m seeing the pattern already with the Archer family.

The changes to the characters are not so much drastic departures, as they are tangential ideas. Nothing about what’s happening in the season is ridiculous in terms of character development. Sure, the whip smart dialogue and acerbic wit has changed focus, but it remains the same old style. It’s interesting to watch the familiar group, having the same relationship issues with one another, in a whole new environment. Despite all of the changes to the characters…

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