Archer Season 5
But Everyone’s (Mostly) The Same
The new Cyril may be a lawyer, but he’s still emotionally whipped by Archer. Pam is still inappropriately sex starved, and hoping the FBI will throw her a bone. She means a penis, inside her vagina. Lana still has her giant man hands, actually Malory Archer says it best when she asks, “I mean did you used to be a man?” Cherlene is incapable of singing, except when not being watched, and so remains a ditz who wonders if Lana’s waited too long to get rid of the baby.

What Archer Vice is doing so well as the show is revamped is to keep the core heart alive. Sure, conceptually things are different, but by using the characters in familiar ways while still departing from the norm, the series is comforting in its treatment of the people who used to occupy ISIS’s offices. This interaction between our favorite characters is still oh so familiar, as can be seen in….

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