Sam Underwood is deliciously creepy.
We learned last summer that Dexter creeper Sam Underwood would be creeping it up in the second season of The Following, and wow, does he ever. It’s evident from the first episode of Season 2 that Underwood's role is layered, in a vulnerable, dark, lethally dangerous and darkly charismatic kind of way, which is certainly fitting for someone involved with Joe Carroll's following. As you’ll see in “Resurrection,” there’s more to Underwood’s role than initially meets the eye. And remember how Jacob was all uncertain and conflicted? Yeah, not this guy.

Underwood isn’t the only newcomer to the series. Also joining the cast are Tiffany Boone, who plays Mandy, a character with associations with one of the returning characters. Jessica Stroup, meanwhile, plays Max Hardy, Ryan’s niece, who also happens to have some law enforcement connections, which prove particularly useful. And then there’s Connie Nielsen, who plays Lily, a woman unfortunate enough to be on the subway when the Carrollers come a’Carrolling. So expect some new faces in Season 2.

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