Community Season 5
The Community College Setting Actually Starts To Make More Sense
Back in the early days of the show when it was revealed that a full season of Community would cover a year of classes for the study group at Greendale, fans began to ask an important question: what happens after the fourth season? Most bachelor degrees are completed in four years – and the reality is that the majority of community colleges only have two year programs. Now that the show is beginning its fifth season it is not only addressing the issue, but actually somehow making the setting more meaningful.

Building on the concept that was hatched at the end of the second season when Pierce revealed that he had been a student at Greendale for 12 years, the fifth season of the show finds the lead characters no longer just hunting degrees, but now actually taking classes to try and learn more about what they love and try to become better people (it’s a bit hard to explain without being too spoilery, but you’ll know exactly what I mean after you watch the first episode). Of course, changing the significance of a setting is going to affect everything that exists within it, which leads us to…

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